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Please read the comments received from past new puppy owners:
Pippa Puggle...
 Hi Sarah
Wanted to give you an update on the beautiful pippa. As you can see she's settled in and is very comfortable in her new home!! She can sit, recall and her favourite word is biscuits! Toilet training is neatly there, still a few accidents every now and again but she's still a baby! Pippa is the love of our life's and a celebrity at pets at home. People actually take pictures because she's so cute! We've given you're address to several people now around our area.Lots of love
Pippa Mhairi & Fraser xx
Hi Sarah,
Just a quick update re Barnaby.
He's doing really well. Completely house trained and loves our other dogs.
I call him my regal beagle, he is so proud and loves to show off. He really enjoys his walks, and knows exactly where he's going when its walkies time. he even fetches his own lead when he sees us putting our walking shoes on.
He is, without a doubt, the best and the most intelligent dog we have ever owned.
I am so glad we saw your advertisement.
Hope you and your family are keeping well.

Bailey-2010-Owned by Kelsey and Bryan
Bryan and myself have had dogs our whole life but I've never had a puppy, after researching hundred of breeds we decided on a Beagle. Searched the internet for reputable Beagle breeders and Sarah's name kept cropping up, and so the email was sent enquiring if she had any puppies on the way! There is nothing she dosent know about Beagles! We had weekly emails of updates of how Masey was getting along with her pregnancy, then when the puppies arrived so did hundreds of photos! (I was soo excited my first potential puppy had been born!)

The time finally came when we could go visit and choose our first puppy, thats the first time we met Sarah and she couldnt have made us feel more welcome, felt we had known her for years, we met Masey and the puppies and fell in love with Bailey. Again over the next few weeks we received emails and photos of how Bailey was growning up and fattening up too!! The day finally arrived when we could go pick him up (was like pulling teeth, those few weeks was like years! I was soo excited.) We took our little man home to grow up and have had soo much fun with him, he comes on holiday with us, loves going to the stables and has even been Kayaking with Bryan!!

I cant thank Sarah enough for breeding such a friendly, loving, loyal Beagle xXx

We found Sarahs website through Epupz on the internet, we had done lots of research before we started looking for a Beagle breeder, we contacted several breeders and also visited a breeder in Yorkshire. We felt from the start that Sarah was the one we would go with as she emailed and kept us up to date when Masey was pregnant and even sent fotos, even contacting us when she was in Spain on holiday! Sarah answered all our questions and we felt we had known her for a long time. As Masey's delivery date grew nearer Sarah kept in regular contact and we were able to ask as many questions as we wanted. Once Masey gave birth to her 4 sons Sarah sent fotos even before their eyes were open, this has meant we feel we have been involved right from the start. We drove down to Sheffield when the pups were 5 weeks old, Masey is such a beautiful mum and Jaxon looks just like his dad Marley! Everyone says how handsome he is! We returned to see the 2 pups that were left when they were 8 weeks old, we weren't going to choose Jaxon from the fotos but when we got to Sarahs he held back and thats what endeared him to us, another breeder told us to let the puppy come to us, even though the other puppies were friendly and wanted to play, we felt that Jaxon was suited to our personalities and way of life. We brought Jaxon home on the 17th July. Sarah was sad to see him go but knew he would have a good home with us. Jaxon is a very sociable puppy and luvs everyone! He settled into our routine quickly and by the second night he was sleeping, we feel like we have always had Jaxon and he is a part of the family now. We are so glad we chose to buy our Beagle Puppy from Sarah. The puppies are so well socialised and Jaxon has the sweetest nature and luvs his tummy tickled and likes nothing better than to snuggle up on your knee at night! Its been hard work but hes so worth it, Jaxon starts his Kennel Club puppy class next week and I have promised Sarah we will send regular updates as to how he is getting on. I would not hesitate to recommend Chantreyland Beagles to anyone looking for a sociable and well cared for puppy. Thanx Sarah and Dan! x

  Shiloh-27/04/2008-Owned by Sarah and Craig: 
“We knew that Shiloh was the right puppy for us from the minute he came toddling over to Craig! He quickly settled in when he got to his new home and developed into quite a little character! He has a love for socks and Chanel Glasses (much to my dismay) and burying his bones in my clean washing!! We take him on regular outings with his 6 husky friends and it is so funny to watch him when he tries to keep up with them! Shiloh was a perfect addition to our family, we love him more each day & would be lost without him!!”     
 (Spike has now passed his Kennel club Good Citizen schemes bronze and sliver award for obedience and is now tackling the gold award!!)
"We would recommend Sarah and Chantreylands Beagles to anybody considering the breed. We picked our dog, Spike, at the age of 4 weeks and collected him at 8 ½ weeks. Whilst we were waiting to collect him Sarah sent us regular updates and pictures to show us how he was developing and gave us a very helpful information pack to help us in the first few weeks.
Spike is absolutely gorgeous and we love him to pieces. He is so friendly and loving and we get stopped wherever we are with him from strangers about how lovely he is and how handsome he is! The vet described him as a “cracker”!

He is so good looking that we have been asked by the local dog minder if she can use his picture on the side of her van to advertise her company!
We have taken him to dog training since the age of 12 weeks and (most of the time – bearing in mind he is still only 10 months old) he is really well behaved. He is fantastic at the agility classes and in the obedience classes he has so far passed the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation and Bronze Award exams.

Sarah has been really interested in Spike’s developments and it has been nice to keep in touch and know that she is still concerned about all of her dogs even when they have left her care.

We are hoping to visit Sarah and her dogs in the summer with Spike and we will definitely buy our next beagle from Chantreylands when Spike gets a little bit older and wiser to teach his new friend!"
"We had been looking for a breeder of Beagles for some months and came across the Chantrylands Beagles site. I contacted Sarah but had just missed her latest litter. We put our names down for a dog from the next litter and the whole experience has been great. We chose Poppy from a litter of four and it was difficult to make a choice as they were all cute little dogs. But we had to choose (we would have liked to take them all). Once our choice was made,Sarah kept us informed as to her progress and sent us regular pictures of her as she grew.Now we have Poppy at home she is the perfect addition to the family and is great with the kids. She is such a good looking dog everyone who meets her wants to take her home!.
Sarah gave us all the help we could have aked for. The information in the puppy pack helped us to get started and told us what to do and when. We would recommend Chantrylands Beagles to anyone thinking of buying this breed of dog.Not only are the dogs good examples but the whole experience of buying a dog from them is pleasant as Sarah and Dan are so helpful"
"She has made such a difference to our lives and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you do, providing lovely little quality dogs for people to enjoy" 

"Our experience of buying a puppy from Chantreylands Beagles was a very positive one and we would happily recommend them to anyone who is planning to buy a Beagle. Sarah has been fantastic in e-mailing us pictures and up-dates of the puppies’ progress on a weekly basis from the moment the puppies were born, which has made us feel part of our puppy’s life right from the moment she was born. Both Sarah and Dan have been very helpful – we drove up from St Albans direction, which is about 2 hours drive to Sheffield and as we were travelling with young children, we were quite restricted in times we could pop over to choose our puppy as well as to pick her up and they were very flexible and sympathetic to our time scales. The puppy pack we went home with was very informative and helpful too. So not only has the service been first class, our beautiful Coco is such a lovely dog with a fantastic temperament. She has got on with our children, who are 5- and 3-years, very well right from the start. It’s been lovely to watch them squealing with delight when they have been chasing each other up and down the garden right from the first day, Coco chasing them one way and the girls chasing her the other way, and at the end of the day Coco will cuddle up with one of the girls, lighting up 2 little girls’ faces :o) She has not been bothered about a hoover, popping balloons, screaming children, hissing and spitting cat and everyone entering the house will get a lovely friendly welcome with a wagging tail, even our not so gentlemanly cat. We have only had her for 3 days so far, but it would just be impossible not to love her to pieces. It is clear from the way she has been from the first day she arrived that she has grown up in a loving family environment – what more could you ask for :o) Thanks Sarah!"
Miley-19/01/2009-Owned by Sara-Kate
"We found Sarah on the internet and got in touch. We had a good feeling about her and as soon as we put our names on the waiting list she kept us up to date with the progress of the impending puppies. From the day they were born Sarah sent us pictures and emails with the puppies progress. We have so many pictures from the start of Miley's life that when we had chosen her we were able to go back over them and pick her out. Meeting Sarah and Dan was really nice and seeing the puppies made us very excited about bringing Miley home. As soon as we had choosen Miley and named her Sarah sent all her emails using Miley's name which made it a very personal experience. We were given lots of information about caring for her when we took her home and reassurance that we could call any time for help.
Miley has settled really well into our family and is a very loving, sociable dog. Our vet said she was a very healthy, lovely puppy. We would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting a beagle. The whole experience was easy and personal from start to finish."
"Hi Sarah

Its been such a long time since I last emailed you and I know I promised you pictures and updates but time flies and we are definately having fun.

Miley is now coming up to 9 months old and we love her more every day. We cant thank you enough we have the best beagle in the world. Also the most loving. She actually gives us cuddles.

At present she is curled up on the settee asleep, her favourite place. Apart from her obsessive chewing of shoes she is extremely well behaved. Infact the second thing people notice about her is how "chilled" out she is for a beagle. The first is how pretty she is. She has a few beagle friends and their owners are amazed at her personality. She has her moments but 99.9% of the time she has us laughing. Her best friend Charlie (a beagle) taught her how to behave off lead and she spends most of her walks that way. She loves it. Even her puppy trainer was amazed at how well she reponded to training. She really is great.

She loves everyone and everything and they love her. Her greatest wish is to catch a rabbit but I'm not sure if she would know what to do with it. Probably want to play. Another favourite place is the vets. As soon as they call her name she is in. No worries taking her there.

Miley often goes to work with Anthony. She has become A company mascot and they literally queue up to walk her although the blokes have learnt to keep their lunch locked away in a high place. She accompanied them on a 13 mile TAB last week and would have gone for longer. She is very fit and loves being outdoors.

In January we are moving to South Africa and Miley too. We are just applying for permits now. Its for two years minimum and we know she will love it. 

Hope all your future litters turn out as well as Miley has."
"Bertie has settled in very well, a good strong, confident and bold puppy. Nothing much phases Bertie. We can see you have done a good job in socialising Bertie and he has now been introduced to Ceasar, the Ridgeback with only a minor moment when Bertie was attempting a steal on Ceasar's food, a crumpy Ridgy. Now after only 8 days, Bertie goes through the night, asleep in his bed/cage, without a peep, 11pm -6am. The Grand children love Bertie to bits and its two way with lots of cuddles and play. We are all very pleased with Bertie and thankyou, Sarah, for doing such a good job."
" Bertie has completed initial dog training and is responsive and obedient. Now into more advanced training. Bertie has a good temperament and surprisingly is quite patient. He is not a "foodie", again quite surprising, chewing sticks seems to be the only thing we have to watch (doesn't do his insides any good). He is very sociable, gets on well with all manner of dogs and of course people all take to him immediately."
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